About Us

Holden Beach Medical Center has been operating in the same location since 2002. It is the only medical office in Holden Beach and immediate surrounding areas. Heather Merrow has a long history of giving exceptional care to many patients in Brunswick County and has been managing the office since 2003. She wishes to continue to give personal, high-quality health-care to established and new patients of Brunswick County, including part-time residents and vacationers.

Our Advance Care Team

We strive to provide our patients with high-quality, coordinated care specific to their own individual needs and circumstances. To do this, Holden Beach Medical Center utilizes an Advanced Care Team model. Advanced Care team members support the Primary Care Provider (PCP) in efforts to deliver effective patient-centered care. Our Advanced Care Team members include:

Heather Merrow, PA-C and Health Coach

Heather is the owner and provider of Holden Beach Medical Center. Heather supports patients so that they can gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become active participants in their care, and reach their self-identified health goals. She supports the patient‐centered medical home (PCMH) model by working with patients, families, and the provider to promote timely access to needed care, support daily continuity of care coordination, and coach patients, families, and caregivers to understand the patient’s care plan and self‐care management responsibilities.

Debbie, Front Office/Receptionist

Debbie supports the patient‐centered medical home (PCMH) model by providing excellent customer service and serving as a liaison between patients and staff and/or the provider, focusing on facilitating a personal partnership with the patient to provide the best quality, comprehensive care.

Patient Centered Medical Home

Holden Beach Medical Center is currently pursuing Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition with the National Committee on Quality Assurance. What does this mean for our patients?

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, your primary care team is focused on getting to know you and earning your trust. Your team puts YOU at the center of your care to ensure that decisions respect your wants, needs, and preferences, while making sure that you have the information and support needed to make decisions and participate in your own care. We provide evidence-based care to ensure we respond effectively to meet your health care needs.

A PCMH is a place where you:
- Are respected as an individual
- Set health goals
- Get questions answered
- Can choose your provider
- Get explanations of disease process, and medicines, and treatment
- Have the help of a Care Coordinator ensure your care needs are met
- Can have Specialist referrals arranged
- Have access to your provider 24 hours a day

We ask that you:
- Share your medical history and medication information accurately
- Tell us about other providers of your medical care
- Respect us as partners in your care
- Understand your treatment goals before leaving your visit
- Provide us with feedback
- Learn what your insurance covers
- Pay your share of the office visit at the time of service

We look forward to getting to know you—whether briefly or long term—and meeting your health care needs.

Operating Hours*

  • Monday: 8AM-5PM
  • Tuesday: 8AM-5PM
  • Wednesday: 8AM-5PM
  • Thursday: 8AM-5PM
  • Friday: Seasonal and by appointment

*We offer early appointments at 7:45am upon request

For direct provider access after hours, please call 910-842-5991. For urgent provider contact only (not for prescription refills or issues that can be resolved during normal business hours)

Health Portal

Click here to access the Health Portal

The patient portal allows you to access your medical information, request refills, schedule a visit, or contact us. Ask how you can become connected to your patient portal!

Holden Beach Medical Center proudly serves as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certified through the National Committee on Quality Assurance.

The Kids in Parks program has established a network of trails designed to provide kids and families with fun outdoor activities. Through their TRACK Rx program, our providers are promoting this program and formally prescribing our patients to get active outdoors and reconnected to nature through this exciting program. For more information about the program, click here. And here is a link to view a video about the program.